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New Emerging Pune Properties

3 BHK Luxurious Row Houses

There are many new Pune  properties that are fast coming on to the horizon. They are emerging on the outskirts of the city, but the development here is so good that these areas are now fully developed suburbs. A brand new suburb that is developing really well is Wagholi. This place is turning out be one of the best infrastructure-wise developed places. Therefore, many real estate developers and buyers have taken note of
this place. Wagholi will soon be a huge hub for residential properties.

Real Estate in Wagholi

Wagholi is connected to many other important areas of the city by the Nagar Road Highway. Kharadi and Viman Nagar are just a short drive away. Both these places are important business hubs of the city. Therefore, real estate developers realized that Wagholi, with its vast expanses of land and great weather, can be made into a wonderful residential destination.

Wagholi’s development is quite recent. Hence, the property value here is quite reasonable. One can buy wonderful real estate in Wagholi. Instead to getting an apartment, one can look into luxurious row houses and villas with reputed real estate developers. A property in a row house or villa project also comes packed with amenities.
B.U. Bhandari Landmarks is a name any home buyer would know. They are one of the city’s best developers and their
projects are worth their weight in gold. If you are looking fo spacious, private and luxurious 3 BHK rowhouses, B.U.
Bhandari Landmarks has the brilliant, Chrrysallis in Wagholi. Designed to fulfill all the needs of a modern life, each home is space which welcomes and comforts its residents. Imagine a beautiful rowhouse built by B.U. Bhandari
Landmarks, in the city’s upcoming suburb, Wagholi; it all sounds like perfection coming together.

One may be a bit apprehensive about Pune properties that far away from the city, but this is a needless fear. All daily necessities are close by. There is a lot to do here. In fact, important malls like Phoenix Market City and Infinity Mall are just a short drive far. Many good restaurants are also coming up in the area. There will never be dull moment here.

Luxurious Rowhouses in Wagholi