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To All Homebuyers – What Exactly is Smart Living?

As a homebuyer, you must’ve have come across the term ‘Smart-Living’ quite a few times. But do you know what exactly it comprises?
In this blog, we’ll go over all the aspects that constitute Smart Living and a Smart Home:
Smart Location
The Mantra of real estate is Location. Location. Location! Your address, in many ways, determines the course of your every-day life. If you have your workplace near your home, then there’s nothing like it!
Also, if you pick a location with lower real estate prices but having a good appreciation rate & great prospects for the future, then you’re making the smart choice!
Smart Amenities
We all take care of our homes, but a smart home can return this affection in many ways.
  • First up: Your security
    A smart home can help keep a check on unwanted guests.Because the safety of your family is of paramount importance.

    Your security
  • Second: Fire safety
    Features like gas-leak detection, panic alarm, etc. are quite important in today’s day.

    Fire safety
  • Third: Sustainability
    A smart home optimizes the uses of resources like water & electricity and helps in reducing your bills. Features like rainwater harvesting & solar water heating are a good example of this. These features also help in leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

  • Fourth: Fun & recreation
    You home must help you relax as well right? Amenities like sports facilities, jogging tracks, gymnasiums, parks are always a good thing to have in a development.Many developments have rooftop amenities! This way you can relax while enjoying the beautiful view of the cityscape. In fact, a development with rooftop amenities is an example of effective space management.

    Fun & recreation
Smart Design
A smartly designed home maximizes the intake of fresh air & natural light, thus creating a pleasant living environment for you and your loved ones.
Convertible Homes
Also, smart homes allow you to do more with the space you have! This is done with convertible spaces. You can change the room to your requirements without sacrificing everyday convenience.
A Home Music-Studio
Convertible homes allows you to fit in your personal music studio!
A Home Music-Studio
A personalized library
More space for shelves & most importantly, your books!
A personalized library
The choices are endless!
Convertible spaces are the thing millennials truly need. Just like their many interests, these spaces have multiple utilities.
So there you go! These are the crucial factors that make a Smart Home.Disclaimer:This Perspective image may not be to the scale or may not represent actual facade/elevation.The details of windows,paints,elevation features,landscaping, ground development,trees etc. in the perspective is an artist’s impression and would be different to actual construction of building and development.The viewer’s affirm that he/she has not taken his/her decision of purchase /booking by viewing this perspective.The company is not responsible for the action of the viewer’s booking / purchasing a unit relying on this perspective.