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Villas in Wagholi, Scripting a Change in Wagholi Real Estate

Villas in Wagholi, Talegaon are being preferred by a lot of people, as Pune gets more populous and the prime areas are getting saturated. Developers in Pune have been quick to tap this golden opportunity and are launching affordable lifestyle projects in these areas. Moreover, builders in Pune are having the last laugh amongst all the ruckus of crashing stock exchange. They are assured that come what may, the real estate in Pune is on a spree. As the standard of living in Pune is rising higher day by day, the demand for luxury apartments and villas has considerably gone up.  The real estate developers are more than happy to cater to the demands of the upwardly mobile class. What with the budget effecting a percent increase in service tax and excise duty, the hike is set to increase property rates between Rs 50-100 per square feet. Although those have already booked properties in Pune will not have to bear the brunt of the increased rates. So, having a great time real estate developers?

Further, these properties are not just confined to main city as builders are finding the fringe areas more profitable and easy in terms of acquiring land. In addition to that because of lesser space constraints, builders can have spacious residential properties.  So there is a lot of inclination towards building villas and bungalows or development of bungalow plots by the builders in these fringe areas. One of these rapidly developing areas, thanks to the builders in Pune is Wagholi. Trust the developers in Pune to tell you that a couple of years or so back, Wagholi could pass off as a village where you could possibly see just cattle moving around and farmers hauling their produce. But the developers have transformed this village into one of the most of the most coveted real estate hubs in Pune.

A part of the credit of the transformation goes to one of the leading builders in Pune, B.U. Bhandari Landmarks. This builder in Pune is currently running a project comprising row houses/villas in Wagholi, bungalow plots in talegaon. Chrrysalis. These stunning villas are available in a tempting configuration of 3 BHK, amidst verdant greenery and loads of open spaces. These combine elegance, individuality and comforts of a modern abode, with fine living amenities like party lawn, landscape garden, club house, indoor games and a walking track for senior citizens. With Chrryasalis villas/row houses in Wagholi, B.U Bhandari Landmarks has reiterated its commitment to class, quality and innovation, amongst builders in Pune.