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Buying NA bungalow plots at project Belleza by B U Bhandari: It’s easy, safe and wise!

Today people are proactively seeking relief from the hectic pace of life to relax and unwind. Taking cognizance of this need, B. U. Bhandari Landmarks offer youBelleza – a path breaking project nestled in the arms of the Sahayadri Hills. Belleza offers N.A. plots in talegaon with collector sanctioned layout at Talegaon-Kanhe, a dreamland you would love to discover.

Project Belleza comprises a well conceived scheme of NA Plots in talegaon secured by an external compound wall. Each plot would be demarcated with barbed wire fencing and lined by internal roads.Blessed by the beautiful surroundings and beatific westerly winds, mountains and river view, these N.A. Plots with collector sanctioned bungalow plan and layout brings in the opportunities both as an ideal second home as well as an investment opportunity.

Enjoy the lush green vistas, the pollution free fresh air and the cool breeze over the river side. Belleza has it all. The proximity to Pune(32 Kms) as well as Mumbai (135 Kms) and the enhanced connectivity factor due to the proposed International airport at Chakan and the 4- lane highway to Nasik makes the effort more than

While buying NA land, there is a standard proviso that it must be developed within a specified time limit. On the other hand, NA land situated at the fringes of a city’s limits can also be bought from private developers. Taking this route saves the buyer the hassles of obtaining the various approvals, since this has already been
taken care of by the developer.

It is commonly believed that that there is no tax benefits in buying land as against buying a house. Though it is true that, unlike a loan taken to acquire a property, the interest payable on a loan taken to buy a plot of land is tax deductible only if that land is used for generating income, the principal is not eligible for any benefit. However, the interest can be capitalized and added to the cost of acquisition of the plot. This can help in reducing the capital gain tax liability at the time of sale of the plot.

Even moderate investments to the tune of Rs. 5-10 lakh in a good location are quite capable of yielding worthwhile returns in the long term.

At Belleza, plot owners are assured of all the aspects of buying land for residential purposes- Clear Title Land, Separate Extract for each plot, Town Planning

Approval from Collector of Thane NA Land with all legal approvals and permissions and Bungalow plan sanctioned.

B U Bhandari Landmarks – at Belleza, Talegaon- turning dreams into reality!